Educators breaking the rules

Our Story

We didn’t set out to take on the test prep industry. Johnny grew up in Chicago, somehow convinced Harvard to let him in, then while earning his Doctorate in Education at UCLA, started a non-profit training teachers and students in East LA. Felix was Johnny’s first scholarship student, then went to Harvard on a Gates Millenium Scholarship and joined McKinsey & Co as a consultant after graduation. Sarah earned a Psychology degree from Notre Dame, then became Director of Graduate Support at a tuition-free school for low-income youth on the East Coast.

But despite our diverse backgrounds and different plans, our paths came together around two shared beliefs:

  • Education changes lives
  • A new approach to teaching, backed by the right business model, can transform education in a scalable way

No, we didn’t set out to disrupt test prep. But we have. So far we’ve helped hundreds of students become more self-directed, independent learners, and we’ve donated thousands of scholarship hours. And we’re just getting started.