We are a social benefit company

Leveling the playing field

As part of our social benefit purpose, we provide free tutoring, test prep, and college admissions support to under-resourced students who would otherwise not be able to afford our services. In 2018, Vault Prep provided 500 hours of free one-on-one tutoring and test prep to low SES students.

The larger picture

College is still by far the clearest path to financial security in the U.S. and around the world. Yet data clearly shows that U.S. high school students aren’t ready for college when they graduate – and for students in low-income districts, the situation is exponentially worse.

As educators and entrepreneurs, these facts make one thing clear: The world doesn’t need another test prep company built to help students who can afford tutoring get into college by improving scores on 1-2 tests.

The world needs a modern education company built to help every student, regardless of income, get ready to succeed in college and ultimately earn a degree.

We built Vault Prep to be a college readiness company, not a test prep company. It’s why our instructors immerse our students in critical literacies and skills that transfer to college and the careers of the future.