Raise the Bar: Tutoring

Our 15+ years of success tutoring students in Santa Monica and throughout Los Angeles is built on three simple, but critical ideas:

  1. Philosophy: Learning happens when students are engaged.
  2. We help students see the big ideas across academic areas, and drive instruction through their strengths, needs and interests.
  3. Product: The best tutoring and test prep emphasizes both content and skill mastery.
  4. Our students demonstrate mastery of core content while also developing the habits of mind and critical academic skills (time management, organization, study skills, writing and research, math etc) that give them greater confidence and independence.
  5. People: The right fit tutor makes all the difference.
  6. We hire less than 5% of applicants who apply, pay them twice the industry standard, and provide ongoing and individualized training and support.

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Vault Prep
2500 Broadway, Suite F-125 Santa Monica, CA 90404

Phone: 3109719091