High School

Active Reading Tips

October 31, 2014

Do you really UNDERSTAND what you're reading?  (And how you can remember it later)

Picture this: It’s 10pm and you are exhausted from a long day at school, a volleyball game, piano lesson, and dinner with friends.  All you want to do is crawl into bed but you have to read an entire chapter on photosynthesis for biology, your least favorite class.  Sound familiar?

Connecting with Admissions Offices from afar

October 29, 2014

Visiting colleges and/or interviewing is a great way to “demonstrate (your) interest” in attending. However, if you are unable to visit or interview, fret not!  

There are many ways to make the decision makers aware of who you are and of your interest in attending.  But whether you connect via email, by telephone, or in person, it is important in all circumstances to be able to articulate clearly what you are hoping to get from your college experience (why them?) as well as what you will bring to campus (why you?). 

Personality traits admissions officers LOVE and how to showcase them

September 18, 2014

If you have a rigorous course load, stellar test scores, and a packed activity list you are in pretty good shape. However, many others are in your same boat and YOU have to stand out even more.

Admissions officers want to see beyond your academic and personal resume to understand who you are. More specifically: how will you enhance the campus and ultimately become an influential alumnus? If your application can showcase that – then you are in really great shape!