Why choose Vault Prep?

Individualized Study Plans - Our students learn how to explore new questions, develop positive study habits, and cultivate their unique talents and interests. To ensure their progress, we develop individual study plans for each student and continually monitor and update that plan to ensure we are reaching your goals.

Top Tutors - There is no substitute for expertise, empathy, and experience. We are able to attract and retain the best tutors because we pay twice the industry standard and provide ongoing training and support. But we are also highly selective. We hire less than 1% of applicants who apply because we are looking for instructors who are not only content area experts from top schools, but who have outstanding communications skills and the ability to connect with students on a personal level with humility and humor.

Innovative Curriculum - Our proven tutoring and test prep programs are based on the latest research and best practices around what makes for the most effective supports for students generally, and as well what practices are most effective for students with different learning needs and styles specifically.

• Our Social Mission - Vault Prep is a social business with the goal of providing equal education supports to all students. To fulfill that mission we provide the same high level one-on-one tutoring, test prep, and admissions supports to our scholarship students as we do to all of our clients.