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December 10, 2016

By The Vault Prep Team


Vault Prep ISEE Tutoring Santa Monica



Test taking can be nerve wracking. For many students, taking entrance exams such as the ISSE will be the first time that they feel the weight of test anxiety. We recommend structuring study work in a supportive and encouraging environment that allows students the freedom to ask questions and make mistakes.

Our comprehensive ISEE/SSAT program goes beyond the surface of standardized testing to discover how your child learns, capitalize on their strengths, and develop their areas for improvement. Our tutors provide the educational foundation necessary for students to become independent and engaged learners.

Here is a breakdown of what to expect on the ISEE: 


  • Verbal: 20 Minutes for 40 Questions
  • Quantitative Reasoning: 35 Minutes for 37 Questions
  • Reading Comprehension: 35 Minutes for 36 Questions
  • Math Achievement: 40 Minutes for 47 Questions
  • Essay: 30 Minutes for 1 Essay



Verbal questions on the ISEE are a blend of vocabulary recognition, and an understanding of words in context. Questions are divided between selecting synonyms, and filling in blanks with necessary phrases. 

Words are important and your student will need to do more than memorize. With our experienced instruction in vocabulary acquisition and language development, your child will not simply remember a list of words, but will develop new ways of approaching language and text to discover new meaning. 



Quantitative Reasoning measures a student’s ability to think logically. They will compare quantities and be asked to draw conclusions about numerical relationships based on sets of given information. 

The Quantitative Reasoning section not only tests an awareness of mathematical knowledge, but how a student assembles and uses that knowledge. Our unique approach to Quantitative Reasoning recommends giving your child the skills not only to answer questions, but to develop a method of thinking that engages with their numerical world on a deeper, more logical level. 



Reading Comprehension presents students with an array of passages and then tests them on their understanding of the material. Students will be expected to engage with information concerning themes, inferences, and general comprehension. 

The ability to interpret and draw meaning from text is a skill essential to success. Becoming a better reader isn’t just about a test, but about developing the skills needed to process large amounts of information and distill it down to core components. We help students improve their reading comprehension abilities so that they acquiring meaning simultaneously with the act of reading.



Different from Quantitative Reasoning, Math Achievement is a section dedicated to the straightforward assessment of mathematical skills. Students can expect questions based in algebra, geometry, and general arithmetic. 

Middle school is an important time that sets up the trajectory for what math classes your student will be able to take in high school. We recommend starting instruction at a young age in order to set students on the right track. By helping students become confident in their basic and advance math skills, we guide them onto the necessary path toward future academic success. 



Essays are not scored as part of the overall test, but are sent along to your child’s selected school for assessment. We recommend that students read frequently as part of their writing instruction. Students in our program gain necessary skills for eloquence and confidence in writing. 



Students are provided with a scaled score that converts to a percentile range based on the curve of each individual test. Review with your child’s chosen school to determine what percentile rank is necessary for admission. 



In the end, students should strive for more than just a score. We recommend a comprehensive program that focuses on content over strategy and provides students with the foundational skills they need to remain competitive students into high school and beyond. 

Our tutors are masters in dismantling the complex in order to tackle the basics. We go beyond memorizing formulas and rules, and ensure that our students know how to engage with what is being asked of them.

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