How Parents Can Support The Student/Tutor Relationship

January 27, 2016

Tutoring can be a great supplement to the education students receive at school.  Tutoring can ensure that the student is mastering core content and improve grades.  More importantly, effective tutoring can help students become confident and independent learners and teach students necessary 21st-century literacy skills. The strategies students learn are required to thrive academically and personally as well as prepare for college. As proof, The Gates Foundation just gave a large amount of funding to online tutoring companies like Khan Academy, which is also partnering with the College Board. The world is moving fast, and we need to get on board. This new, hyper-technological society is exciting. But kids benefit from real face time with tutors and coaches.

Tutor and Student

The Role of a Tutor – Looking Beyond the Content

Tutors have a unique position where they are not acting as a teacher or parent telling the student what to do, but rather as mentor and advisor guiding the students on how to make the most of their time. They play a special role in supporting students. Allowing for this neutral space is a great way to make a difference in your child’s life. Successful tutors collaborate with parents to strategize for success and accountability. Like a good coach, a good tutor establishes an environment where the student feels supported to make mistakes, ask questions and ask to slow down the pace if they need more time to process. 

A good tutor will build a trusting relationship with the student. The students increasingly reveal what the experience of learning is like for them. An effective and observant tutor will tap into the student’s learning style to help them capitalize on strengths and further develop areas for improvement. An awareness of helpful vs. harmful habits should activate the student’s capacity to solve his or her own challenges. With knowledge of how they learn, students can make changes and also see those changes as something they have chosen to do. This boosts confidence and will translate into increased success.

What Can You Do?

Parents need to remember to focus on the end-game, which can take time. The parent often sets the tone for the student’s relationship with the tutor. An appreciation for the work set out ahead of the student-tutor team will increase the chances of success. Parents should collaborate with tutors by helping them to understand the student’s learning style. Does the child exhibit non-linear thinking, which may frustrate their ability to untangle their thoughts and thus write well? A good tutor will be able to diagnose and treat the problem. This will ultimately facilitate intellectual independence. 

The goal of every tutor should be to work herself out of a job. If tutors and parents work toward intellectual independence together, the process can provide a powerful means for changing a student’s relation to learning. Good tutoring can help students discover a path to their intellectual passions. It can foster independence and help students develop a more focused and energized relationship with education.

How we can help!

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