Test Prep: ACT/SAT

Test Prep: ACT/SAT

What you can expect with Vault Prep's Santa Monica ACT and SAT prep...

Dramatic score improvement:  Our students  average 4-6 points higher on the ACT after prep

Better grades: Targeted and individualized core content review that helps them raise their grades across the board (when it matters most)

Increased confidence: Our students become more skilled and confident writers and readers and avoid the stress and anxiety of cramming for the test during a their busy senior year

How do we do it? By getting two things right:

  1. The instructor: Research is clear that teacher quality is the most important determinant of student academic success. But the best tutor is also the “best fit” tutor.
  2. The instruction: Each student receives an individualized study plan based on the results of their FREE full-length practice exam. Tutors use the study plan to identify strengths and target areas of weakness and review core concepts that are addressed on the exam using 100% actual test questions.

Sound simple? That’s because it is. 

Contact us today to schedule your FREE ACT or SAT MOCK EXAM. All students receive an individualized score report outlining both the content and test taking strategies to focus on for maximal score improvement.


If you're looking for Santa Monica ACT or SAT prep, then make sure you call Vault Prep today. 


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